Bully’s Surf School is proud to be an ambassador of surf and the culture that comes with our unique lifestyle. We are so grateful to be able to share the Hawaiian traditions and knowledge that have been passed on to us. Watching our clients and friends realize the wonders of this amazing island and watersports makes every day amazing for us.

Explore world-class surf on Maui, with a highly knowledgeable and professional surf guide. We will properly equip you with all the experience of a seasoned Hawaii surfer, and the knowledge of reef and ocean safety.

Building on a foundation of safety, we will give you the tools necessary, to navigate the water, read and catch waves or navigate paddling. Teaching our clients to recognize unsafe situations and more importantly, how to stay away from them gives our clients a competitive advantage in the water. Respect, awareness, and humility is the best place to start on your journey of becoming an independent surfer.

We teach professional techniques, even from a beginner’s stage. High-level equipment is used, to help you progress much faster. Wave size is determined on your comfort level. We have coaches who gently support your needs, and our class size is the smallest on Maui. Which means you spend more time paddling or surfing and less time waiting.

You have found your Surf Coach and we look forward to teaching you to Breathe and Believe! More importantly to us… We look forward to sharing our Island and the Aloha spirit with you and your family.

Bully Kotter