Where kids can go to explore, play, and put new skills into practice while being safely guided by our talented coaches.

Surf Camp is paused during this time. We look forward to providing updates once we are able to offer this again.

It’s said that some of the best things come out of trying times and there couldn’t be a better example of that than our Keiki Camp.

Bullys-Surf-School-Lahaina-Maui-surfing-afterschool keiki camp

When the COVID pandemic hit in 2019, Bully’s Surf School, along with so many other businesses, were left to take a step back and really ask, how we wanted to show up in our community?

Providing a safe and fun environment for the keiki became priority and we are happy to hold that space for so many.

We teach them young so they are ready for whatever comes at them out in the water.

Book your child’s spot online via FareHarbor for just $35. Boards can be provided for $10. 

In order for camp to be conducted smoothly, we do kindly request that each kid can safely paddle into waves and maintain control of their own boardText 808-727-9659 to learn more about skill and equipment requirements. 

(Please note, Surf Camp is paused at this time. We look forward to letting you know when we are back and running these sessions.)